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About Mirrativ

Mirror + Narrative = Mirrativ

Mirrativ is a platform that socializes experiences that you can have on your mobile device -- texting, playing videos, gaming, and everything else you use your phone for.

Smartphones have become reflections of our lifestyles; by “mirroring” that on-screen and sharing it with others, we believe that it will create a new type of social interaction.

Whether you’re showing off your skills in your current favorite game or demonstrating how to use a new app, each experience will produce a unique “narrative"

That is what Mirrativ aims to do, and we appreciate and encourage our users' creativity and the content that emerges from it.

By creating an opportunity for users to explore the connection between content creation & communication, we look forward to the expanding possibilities.

Sharing your moments of inspiration and even your simple, everyday moments can be fun if you connect with others.

Connect. Share. Inspire.

Find your own narrative with Mirrativ.